Kingman Letters: Taking back our local government

Janet Watson

Janet Watson

My wife and I are in our 70s and on a fixed income. One of our few indulgences is to go out to a local restaurant to eat. Now this will have to be curtailed because our city council will be enacting a 2 percent tax on such activities. One does not have to be too observant to realize that a large portion, if now a majority, of people indulging in this are seniors. Seniors have not had a COLA increase in three years, and the unfairness of this is that there has been a significant increase in the cost of living. Anyone buying groceries, gasoline, etc. knows this. In addition IRAs and 401Ks have been taking a beating lately. Recent increases have taken place in city fees for water and trash collection, increases are forecasted for utilities (gas and electric), and sizeable increases have been announced for sewer fees. These events are already placing seniors in a position of disadvantage, and this new tax on a mild recreation will add to that position, not to mention the damage to local bars and restaurants.

The proposal for this tax came from Janet Watson, a member of the City Council. She is the wife of Gary Watson of our County Board of Supervisors, already known for his disrespectful stance toward the citizens of this county. Will this attitude now show its head to the citizens of Kingman?

I, for one, am fed up with the Watsons. I feel that there is something wrong with having so much influence over city and county affairs amassed in one family, especially with the evidence of so much disdain for their constituents. I am disappointed that our Mayor and other members of the council, including the newcomers, did not stand up to this tax. We will continue with twice a week trash collection, which will endure because we have been told it would be too expensive to discontinue. How ridiculous is that? How stupid are we citizens deemed to be? Are my wife and I the only ones incensed by this? How many roads can be fixed if it was discontinued? I question how many options were investigated for the funds for road and street repair. Was the tax the most convenient solution, not requiring any city spending cuts or perk reductions?

I look forward to the day the citizens of the city and county wise up to the Watsons, tie the can to them, and take back control of our local governments.

Richard Farmer