Trump invests to make money

Donald Trump, who was, for a short time, a Republican presidential candidate, is about to invest $1.6 billion to build two golf courses, a large luxury hotel, 500 private houses, and about 1,000 holiday homes, plus a 400-bed hostel for workers. The building of this project will put at least 6,000 people to work. You're thinking great, right? Here we have an American billionaire who is finally willing to create jobs and add some much-needed tax revenue to the economy. There is only one problem. Trump is building the luxury hotel, houses, holiday homes, hostel and golf courses in Scotland. Trump will be putting 6,000 Scottish and Irish people to work, not Americans. Trump will be adding revenue to Scotland's economy, not America's economy. It is also supposed that Trump will staff the luxury hotel with migrant workers from outside of Scotland, mainly because of the proposed 400-bed hostel. It stands to reason that Trump would staff his motel with migrant workers. That way he can get away with paying them less.

During Trump's brief campaign farce, wasn't he complaining about American jobs being shipped overseas, and blaming President Obama for that? Yet, here he is, helping to boost Scotland's economy, rather than helping the country where he made his billions! Is Trump using Scotland as his overseas tax haven? Just imagine the income he will be making once this project is completed. And he won't have to pay a dime of that money to America for taxes!

Trump purchased the Menie Estate site in 2005, and in 2006 submitted an application to Aberdeenshire council to build on this coastal landmark. The infrastructure council rejected Trump's application because the Menie Estate site is a "magnificent stretch of sand dunes that form part of the Foveran Links 'Site of Special Scientific Interest' (SSSI), a special status awarded to this 4,000-year-old site in recognition of its importance as the finest U.K. example of a dynamic system of wind-blown dunes." In 2008, however, John Swinney, the Scottish cabinet secretary for finance and sustainable growth, overturned the council's decision and gave Trump the go-ahead for his project. Swinney told a local newspaper, "The economic and social benefits for the north-east of Scotland substantially outweighs any environmental impact." (Scotland's politicians sound a lot like our local politicians who want the mine uranium on the Grand Canyon protected land, don't they? For the love of money, it doesn't matter what national treasures or protected lands that may get destroyed in the process.)

Donald Trump is a pitiful excuse of a man and an even worse American citizen. He represents the greed that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are fighting against. He, like most Republican politicians, cares nothing about this country. All they care about is lining their pockets with more money, no matter who gets hurt along the way, or how they make money. And Trump wanted to be our president? What a sad, pitiful slap in the face to the American people!

Lori Gabriel-Dane