Mohave County Letters: Watch out for Jack

My name is Jack. I live in an RV Resort in Bullhead City. On July 19, while I was gone and my wife home alone, some young, heavyset male in a beat-up, older maroon four-door (maybe a Toyota) with a very loud muffler had the audacity to come to my RV in the park, knock on the door (with my wife in another part of the RV), enter my private deck and steal my TV, a Sylvania 20-inch digital/analog LCD with DVD, Serial No. J0888351.

My neighbor saw you. The police report is No. BH11-037970. You were seen in the park earlier when a neighbor asked if you needed assistance.

Since that day my wife and I are living a different life than we did before. Someone invaded our privacy. Some low-life came into our private world to steal from us. To this day, my wife has nightmares. We had a very nice home for ourselves, private, secure and happy.

I hope I find you. Someone out there knows you. They'll tell someone and they'll tell someone. I'll search for you every day and one day you will answer to me.

My name is Jack. Remember me.

Jack Asklund

Bullhead City