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10:51 PM Thu, Jan. 17th

Kingman Letters: Bullying and school obligations

Illustration: JC AMBERLYN/Miner

Illustration: JC AMBERLYN/Miner

This is in regards to the bullying story, the problem in the schools and the educators who say it's not a cut and dried issue. When the bully drops her backpack and invites the victim to fight, to me that is a clear cut and dried issue of bullying. The school has an obligation to correct the situation by talking to the bully or suspending her from school. If the school and educators do not think it's a problem, they could be headed to court, along with the bully.

In addition, the school has an obligation to protect all of its students, and I do not see it happening, according to the Kingman Miner's account. Bullying in the schools must stop, and that has to start with the educators and the school.

Also, when the bully dropped her backpack and invited the victim to fight, she is or had threatened her life and I feel that the security officer should have been called in, and also notification should have been made to the police/Sheriff's Office.

I've seen this happen on television news and it goes so far that someone ends up dead and the other person is in jail. The school needs to do something or the victim's parents should go to the school district office and notify the Superintendent.

Gerald C. Lucero