Kingman Letters: Bullying not just for one age group

'Bullying isn't just a childhood affliction. It carries social repercussions for us all.

According to research, 16 percent of students will be involved in bullying, with 7 percent acting as the bully and 9 percent becoming the victim of one.

Bullies are often copying the behaviors they have seen or experienced in their own families. Many who bully begin as early as preschool and have been allowed to bully a sibling without consequence at home. It only gets worse from here.

By the time a bully reaches middle school, his/her bullying escalates until high school, when most have become involved in criminal and gang-related behavior. But wait, there's more.

Sixty percent of bullies have criminal records by age 24. Most of their arrests are for driving intoxicated, domestic violence and the abuse of children.

It's time for parents and schools to begin watching for early signs of bullying in the home and in preschool. Intervention, education and prevention programs need to be adopted and enforced so that we can protect our children and in the future, society at large.

Stephanie Costello

Golden Valley