Kingman letters: Reducing accidents on the road

I would like to address an issue that has affected this community greatly. The number of accidents along the stretch of Route 66 by Thompson Ave. There have been two accidents in the past month - one was a fatality, and I do not know the outcome of the second one. But the issue here seems to be speed and low visibility for drivers turning from 66 to Diagonal or Thompson. I myself have been seriously affected by these accidents. My brother was killed in the one on Aug. 10, and I feel like I need to raise awareness to this topic. When you are turning onto Diagonal from 66 the visibility is relatively bad. There are signs in the way if you are in a lower riding vehicle; also there is much heavy machinery that when the sun hits just right, can take your focus away from vehicles traveling toward you. I believe there should be a stoplight at either Thompson and 66 or Diagonal and 66. The benefits of this would be greatly reducing accidents caused by speeding for one.

Second, reducing the speeds of truckers who travel this stretch so that if they are in a situation where they need to maneuver they can do so at a speed reasonable and prudent. Also, there is much more traffic in these locations due to the fairly recent additions of the gas stations at these intersections. I, for one, am all about safety and to get some support behind this cause and take it to the transportation safety board would be great. Not to mention the lives that could be saved.

Bridget Mills