Letter to the Editor: Helping all God's creatures

Want to help God's creatures, yet can't afford financially to donate or are unable to physically volunteer? A simple compassionate way to help animals find homes, is to "network"... forward emails of dogs and cats needing loving forever homes to your animal-loving friends, and they to theirs - in hopes that someone on your email list, has room in their heart and home to provide love and safety to an abandoned tossed-away pet for the rest of its life.

Send me your email address and I'll include you on my "critters network" email list. Your email address will not be made public; emails are sent out as "undisclosed recipients." On an average, only about 10 weekly. No political or religious emails will be sent, and if you wish to be removed from the list, no questions asked.

Not only is this an easy and satisfying way to be involved in finding homes for the animals in shelters, rescues and sanctuaries, but also helping to find financial donors and volunteers for struggling rescues and sanctuaries, helping lost pets find their way back home, keeping up-to-date with local fundraising events, and the latest news about our local Animal Control and Humane Society - issues that affect pet owners and the health and welfare of our beloved pets.

Currently, there are almost 200 concerned compassionate pet lovers on my "critters network" - and when you add yourself and your animal-loving friends and their animal-loving friends, the list can quickly grow to thousands. The more people involved, the more innocent pets can be saved from being euthanized at the shelter, and a huge worrisome burden can be lifted from our wonderful rescues and sanctuaries. If you wish to help, please send your e-mail address to: sennasylum@npgcable.com.

Betsy Senn