Kingman letters: Taking after the Brits

In reference to Ms. Dane's March 30 opinion to what she refers to as "Asinine laws," I, for one, do not consider any part of our Constitution as "asinine." A little history lesson Ms. Dane.

In the 1700s our 13 colonies were ruled by Great Britain. The crown taxed everything and sent the taxes to the king to support Britain and ruled the colonies with a heavy hand. Most all of the colonists were indeed armed as they hunted game to feed their families. When the British became more than the colonists could bear, they stood up against tyranny, defeated the British and became "independent," thus forming our government and our Constitution, which by the way, this president is trying to destroy.

The current administration wants to rule every aspect of our lives such as the British did. It wants us to rely on them for everything, thus making us much weaker - not going to happen. What you call "radical rogue militia groups or good ol' white boys," I call patriots. And just for the record, there are a lot of non-white people who think the same way. If our Constitution is too much for you to bear, Ms.Dane, may I suggest that you try living in China or Russia and let's see how much freedom you enjoy.

As for the Trayvon Martin matter, there are enough far lefties out there screaming "racial profiling" without you adding to the mix. I do not believe that all the "facts" are known, so let due process take its course instead of trying the matter in the news or on the Senate floor as some of the Democrats have done.

In closing, "I will keep my money (what is left of it), my freedom and my guns and you can keep the change."

Sam Wise