Manzanita student brings mom's medical pot to school

Manzanita School officials said their investigation into marijuana brought to school last week found two students in possession of a small amount of the drug.

Principal Jeri Wolsey said the marijuana, which was around the size of a grape, was discovered in the possession of an 11-year-old boy Friday. The boy, in turn, said he got it from a 9-year-old classmate, who police said took the marijuana from her mother's dresser.

School Resource Sgt. Lyman Watson said the mother uses the marijuana for medicinal reasons and is in the process of obtaining her state medical marijuana card. It was for this reason that the mother was charged with misdemeanor possession and was not booked into jail, although Watson said she was negligent for leaving the marijuana in an area accessible to her child.

Wolsey said the two students have been disciplined in accordance with district policy. She said both initially denied possessing marijuana Thursday after a parent's call to the school prompted an investigation.

Both students denied having anything illegal and said they had wrapped blades of grass in tissue paper, which their classmates mistook for marijuana.

Wolsey said school officials learned of the rumor around 1:30 p.m. Thursday. With the school day ending at 2:20 p.m., they had a short time in which to sort everything out, she said. The questioning continued into the next day, with the 11-year-old boy finally turning the bag over to his teacher.

Wolsey said she was pleased with the way the teachers and police handled the matter. She said students have also been told to leave the outside grass alone to avoid future misunderstandings.