Kingman Letter: Romney spoke the truth

In the Miner of Aug. 2, Ms. Lori Gabriel-Dane talks about Republican Gov. Romney and his comments in London. While what he said may not have been as politically correct as it might have been, it did turn out to be true. As to his mentioning his meeting with the head of MI6, that is no secret. The British are mad because Romney was right.

Worse, in my opinion, is President Barack Hussein Obama going all over the world apologizing for the United States of America. For what? Saving Europe in the Second World War? Always being the first to help any country in need?

What about Michelle Obama saying she has never been proud of the United States until her husband became president! What about her gross mistake at Buckingham Palace when she put her arm around the Queen. Everyone there was stunned. She was very lucky that the Queen has a sense of humor and let it pass. If you recall, the British press was outraged.

What about all the bull about Romney's wealth? No one complained about John Kennedy's wealth, which he inherited from his whiskey/rum runner father. Romney earned his own wealth. Isn't that what we are supposed to be able to do in the USA? Then there are the complaints about Ann Romney's expensive clothes and horses. Excuse me, but, what about Jackie Kennedy's designer clothes and her horses? We only hear complaints when it is a Republican who has money, never when it is a Democrat. Just why is that?

What about the millions of taxpayer dollars Michelle Obama has spent on vacations for herself, her daughters and friends? What about Obama's oldest daughter taking 12 friends to Mexico with her last month along with 24 secret service agents and several planes, all at the taxpayers' expense?

What does it take to make Ms. Gabriel-Dane and others wake up? A cattle prod? If President Obama is re-elected we will all be getting just that and worse.

Sandee Samoska