Kingman Letter: Thanks for your kindness; Frank and Kerry Dinnella

With warmest thanks.

My husband and my family want to take this opportunity to thank all of your gentle and genuine acts of kindness in our greatest hour of need. To all of you who were at the service for our son Kyle, we thank you; you gave us the greatest gift ... an outpouring of love. I think everyone there felt it, including Kyle.

We wish to give a special thank you to Coach York, who selflessly and swiftly helped us and was kind enough to give the beautiful heartfelt opening remarks. To Craig Schritter, what can we say; in you we found such true kindness and unselfish love that you have restored our faith in humanity.

We will go on with the gift of knowing there are truly caring and compassionate people and the full intent of paying it forward.

With deepest sincerity,

Frank and Kerry Dinnella