Kingman voters have lots of choices in primary election

Arizona Senate hopefuls opine

Arizona Senate District 5 candidates responded in writing to the following question:

Please state, in detail, a specific policy, program or law you would prioritize and work to implement in your first year in office, and explain the importance of achieving that goal.

Bullhead City Republican Nancy McLain: While the debate on SB1433 (Colorado City marshal's office) was still going on, Rep. (Doris) Goodale and I promised that we would work during the interim to investigate what could be done to monitor police agencies throughout the state. Now, AZPOST (Arizona Police Officers Standards and Training Board) can only address individual officers' conduct. We have prevailed on the speaker of the house to form a committee, which has already met once and will be meeting again soon, that is doing just that.

Pending the results of these discussions, I plan to sponsor a bill that will establish some procedures that can be used when there are questions about possible wrongdoing within any police department.

This is important because there are reports of other police departments having systemic problems, and SB1433 was said by some to have been applicable to these situations. But this bill was crafted so specifically, using exact timelines, that it would not have covered other situations.

Lake Havasu City Republican Sam Scarmardo: We have to a) keep our economy growing, b) help our existing businesses, and c) attract new businesses from other states. Doing that means we have to keep pursuing tax reform that focuses on lowering taxes, making Arizona more attractive/competitive to companies, and encouraging businesses to grow and hire.

Demonstrating both fiscal responsibility and a commitment to keeping Arizona financially competitive sends a powerful signal to decision makers around the country that Arizona is Open for Business and that we are Open TO Business. With states like California making it more expensive and more difficult to do business, we can capture a lot of growth that might otherwise simply fly over us on the way to Texas.

I know the question asks for a single item, but in the space I have left I would also mention that we have got to block ObamaCare. The threat of nationalized health care hangs over the head of businesses and is scaring a lot of them away from hiring new employees.

Lake Havasu City Republican Kelli Ward: I am the honest, intelligent, positive choice for LD-5 to have a new, powerful voice in the AZ State Senate. I believe in low taxes, less regulation, smaller government, Second Amendment rights, a secure border, an innovative educational system, and free market health care. I am the candidate who will join you in the fight against ObamaCare in Arizona. I want to shrink the size of government and decrease the number of laws and statutes we have in AZ. I will concentrate my efforts in three areas:

1. Jobs and the economy: business-friendly, competitive environment to allow growth and innovation in our state.

2. Education: great teachers deserve great pay and the majority of the money we spend on education should reach the classroom. School choice and competition allow innovation.

3. Health care: keep the government out of the doctor/patient relationship via free market options to obtain health care services. I will fight to keep Obamacare out of AZ - the cost will overwhelm our state, the massive power grab by the Federal government must be addressed, and Arizonans overwhelmingly oppose the law. I believe AZ is a sovereign state and we should do things Arizona's way.

Golden Valley Democrat Beth Weisser: It is critical for the health of our economy and for the future of our citizens that we prioritize public education. Our state has lost opportunities to be the home of some large companies because of the lack of a strong public education system. When we do not invest in having smaller class sizes, children are lost in the system. Then we increase the number of children who become a part of the prison system as adults, which costs our communities' way more than what it would have cost to have hired another teacher in the first place.

Public education is where we spend the most of our state budget, but spending so much money and not going as far as we need with it is ineffective.

Our revenue sources for public education need to be addressed to ensure sufficient funding. Being a parent of Arizona public school children and a teacher in an Arizona public school, I can see that some of the mandates that our schools are required to follow need to be updated to provide flexibility for local communities to adjust to their own needs. Since charter schools were meant to find ways to improve public schools, I want to be able to incorporate some of the successes that have been found.

Two House candidates offer ideas

Two Arizona House of Representative District 5 candidates responded in writing to the following question:

Please state, in detail, a specific policy, program or law you would prioritize and work to implement in your first year in office, and explain the importance of achieving that goal.

Republicans Wyatt Brooks of Kingman and George Schnittgrund of Lake Havasu City and Democrat Pamela Durbin of Lake Havasu City didn't respond.

Kingman Republican Doris Goodale: My first bill, which is ready, was a promise from last session. This bill will introduce a special Arizona day of recognition for our Korean Veterans. Korea is known as "The Forgotten War," thus many veterans have not received a proper recognition for their service to our country.

A second bill is already under construction with the Goldwater Institute. We are working on a bill to modify the Arizona Constitution regarding referendums. I absolutely believe in and support the people's right to bring forth referendums. This bill would look to provide a means to reauthorize or modify, by the people, the referendum. This would provide a closer relationship with the needs of Arizona.

As chair of Education in the House, I will continue efforts to reform education. I am working with the education stakeholders and State Board of Education President Jamie Molera to address persistent failing schools in our state. I will continue to work to eliminate unnecessary bills (I am called the Education bad bill killer). I will continue to introduce bills which protect taxpayers, eliminate waste and fraud. I will continue to work for border security and against ObamaCare. I am an experienced, conservative leader for rural Arizona.

Lake Havasu City Republican Sonny Borrelli: Jobs, jobs, jobs. Stop the mandates that strangle the cities to do business and private sector businesses. And to fight, to ensure there are no more "sweeps" of the state-shared revenue, especially the Highway User Revenue Funds and try to re-establish the return of the State Lake Improvement Funds.

That gas tax goes to Phoenix (in trust). It's your money, to fix, maintain roads and for improvements for the lakes and river. Those funds were swept to balance the state budget. Those "sweeps" equate to a HURF loss to Kingman of almost $3 million from 2008-12.

Gould, Gosar duel for U.S. House seat

Arizona District 4 candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives responded to the following question: Please state, in detail, a specific policy, program or law you would prioritize and work to implement in your first year in office, and explain the importance of achieving that goal.

Republican Paul Gosar: We are still in the greatest recession our country has seen in generations. We have got to get people back to work and get our economy going again. The federal government controls more than 70 percent of the land in our district, and far too often the government is holding back job creators.

During my first term, I created business plans with each part of my district. By focusing on their needs and common sense solutions, we were able to get government out of the way and get people back to work.

For instance, I was able to pass a bill that allows for a new Arizona copper mine that will bring new jobs to our state. Further, I worked with our cattle industry to produce a responsible forest management program that will bring 1,000 private sector jobs to manage and protect our forests, and I drafted legislative language, that ultimately saved 1,200 jobs near the Grand Canyon.

During my second term, I will continue to focus on cutting the size and scope of the federal government to help get people back to work. This is the best way to get our economy going, balance our budget and get out of debt.

Republican Ron Gould: My highest priority if elected to Congress will be the reduction of spending. Congress currently overspends the federal budget by 42 percent every year. To fill this spending gap money is borrowed, many times from foreign nations. Continual overspending has caused the national debt to rise to almost $16 trillion dollars.

To put that huge amount of money into perspective, a four-inch stack of thousand dollar bills is a million dollars. To make a trillion dollar stack of thousand dollar bills, that stack would be 67 miles tall. America has almost 16 stacks of debt 67 miles high. We cannot allow Congress to continue over-spending.

I have two grandsons who are 15 and 8 months old. When those two boys were born their share of the national debt was $50,000 each. That is a debt that they had no part incurring. It gets worse - with almost half of Americans paying no income tax, the taxpayers' share rises to $138,000.

You and I were handed a prosperous America. Unless we change the way Congress spends our money, we will be handing over to our children and grandchildren a debtor nation. That is unacceptable to me.

Libertarian Joe Pamelia: I propose a three-pronged method:

1. Introduce Legislation that requires all businesses that manufacture goods, to manufacture here in the U.S., and not in foreign countries.

2. Introduce legislation that will reduce taxes for businesses that manufacture goods that eliminate completely their business or partner business, located outside the United States, and relocate back to the United States shores.

3. Introduce legislation that will deny hefty tax deductions for businesses or partner business located outside the United States.

Importance of these methods: This will created hundreds of millions of jobs in engineering design, technical support, manufacturing and sales within a relatively short time (approximately one year.)

In addition, business will realize the importance of reducing their taxes and making the United States the powerhouse it used to be.

New businesses will realize that going offshore will not work to their financial advantage.

No other candidates responded.