Kingman Letter:'s comedy mother lode

I very much enjoy waking up in the morning on my days off. I get up and walk my dog, make coffee, and then hop on the Internet and read the local news (it's far more interesting than national news).

One of the reasons I so enjoy reading the Kingman Daily Miner is the "Letters to the Editor" section. Why, might you ask, do I like this section so much? Well, I like it because it's simply hilarious. I thank fate every day for introducing me to the folks who post letters and write comments on the KDM "LTTE" section.

So here's to you Lori Gabriel-Dane, Frank Lee, David Rogers, Ansons Nephew, Nice Chuckle, Linda Athens, Trained Observer, Joe Schmo, Anon Anon, Too old for BS, V Stokes, and TJ Denton. Here's to you and your hilarious comments that make my morning.

I eagerly await the next political letter attack by one of Kingman's staunch party devotees. I can hardly stand the anticipation! Will it be Lori with her blunt yet persistent nature? Or will it be someone else? Who knows! Stay tuned!

Alexander McKenzie