Kingman Letter: The dream Democrat candidate

I saw Ms. Gabriel-Dane's latest diatribe against anything to the right of Karl Marx and Barack Obama. I must respond for once.

First of all, Mitt Romney is hardly the candidate of those you call "TeaPubs." In fact, I would go so far as to question what you have against him. To me, he is your dream Democratic candidate. However, he is running as a Republican and you have a knee-jerk response without even bothering to examine any of the facts on what Mr. Romney truly stands for, believes or has done as a governor in ultra-liberal Massachusetts.

Your main point seems to be that rich Republicans should do something never asked of rich Democrats, release 10 years of income tax returns. Why? We have campaign disclosure laws requiring all candidates to disclose certain financial information. If that is not enough, how about new laws requiring greater disclosure of all candidates? I see no reason any one candidate for any office should be required to give greater disclosure of his or her finances than any others.

For that matter, how about full disclosure of your candidate's past? Oh yeah, that would be racist.

So you stoop to name calling in your latest diatribe. Is that all you have, Ms. Gabriel-Dane?

Donald J. Lynch