Kingman Letter: Unveil Soetoro's school records

I feel that I need to respond to the Aug. 14 letter by Ms. Lori Gabriel-Dane. Ms. Dane is constantly carrying the ball for her messiah Barack Obama, but I doubt that she even met Mitt Romney but has chosen to call him names.

If in fact Romney had something to hide with his income tax, I am certain Obama's IRS would have dug it up. He has shown what is required, however, maybe he should agree to show the rest of them as soon as Obama reveals his school records. In Ms. Dane's own words, what does he have to hide? Could it be that his records would reveal that he studied as a foreign student?

I also believe that he should explain why he spent over two million dollars to hide his birth certificate. Does he have something to hide. Is it only a coincidence that he selected Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court with no experience as a judge? Is it also a coincidence that she was the attorney that protected his birth certificate from the public. If Kagan is aware of wrongdoing by Obama and is therefore a co-conspirator, she should be impeached.

Your comment, Ms. Dane.

Larry Echols