'Peace Guy' not killed in Kingman crash

Another unfounded rumor on social media is making the rounds in Kingman, this time about the man affectionately known as "Peace Guy."

William Hiller is often seen around town flashing two fingers to passing motorists from various intersections. One of his favorite hangouts is the intersection in front of the shopping plaza where Pastor Howard Pennington was struck and killed in an accident Monday.

Several people on Facebook reported that Hiller was killed in the same accident and that the media was covering it up.

The rumor persists despite the fact that "Peace Guy" has been seen around town since Monday's accident, although the Miner was unable to contact him Wednesday.

The latest rumor about Hiller was especially devastating to those close to him who were told of the death, had trouble reaching him and assumed that the story was true.

This situation comes on the heels of another rumor that circulated about a month ago that said police and the media were covering up a serial rapist in Kingman who was attacking women with bricks.

In that rumor, two unrelated sexual assault reports to police were twisted in a Facebook posting that gave locations and details of incidents that never happened.

The rumors circulated online for several days until one of the recipients phoned police and the media to try to verify the account.