Kingman Letter: Thanks from MIKID-Mentally Ill Kids in Distress

This thank you is from MIKID-Mentally Ill Kids in Distress. We are a non-profit agency that provides services to families raising special needs children. During the holidays we provide Thanksgiving food boxes to families that need a little help.

It is with honor that I have the opportunity to thank the Golden Valley Fire Department, Denny's Restaurant, (my) Kingman Firefighter, Basha's Grocery Store, Walmart and a very special customer in the checkout line at Walmart. This is the fourth year that the Golden Valley Firefighters have worked with Denny's to raise money to purchase the food needed. It warms my heart that each and every year the firemen are willing to wait tables, never too busy or tired; they will forever be my heroes. Denny's - the employees make it feel like home when you dine there, but when it comes to giving back to the community, they are like family.

This year with the assistance of Basha's and Walmart, we were able to provide 23 families with Thanksgiving food boxes and we will be able to provide Christmas food boxes as well. So, there is no way of me saying a thank you that is big enough to encompass all you have done, please know that this thank you comes from deep in my heart and is meant for each and every one of you who unselfishly gave of your time, energy and funds.

Thank you.

Nancy Osborn