The atheists must be having a stroke

I just watched the National Christmas Tree lighting - to see the tree, not the president. And thank God he didn't make any remarks before I shut it off.

But with all this hoopla over "Christmas" - like that goofy governor in RI or wherever he is, and now the retirement apartments that are being forced to take down the tree, and the church that canceled the matinees of their Charlie Brown Christmas - if the atheists watched this tree lighting ceremony, they'd be stroking out about now.

Why don't they go after this? Why do they pick on little towns and churches that can't afford to fight them? Oh never mind ... I think I just hit on the answer. Duh! They can't afford to fight back but the federal government could. The atheists are wise enough to pick their battles because they know that Christians will cave.

There are universities in this nation that will not allow Christian clubs on campus unless the club allows non-Christians to hold office, but they make no noise over the Muslim foot baths at the same universities. Isn't that an interesting dichotomy? Muslims will fight back - in some places it will be violently. We Christians just back away quietly. Turn the other cheek and all that stuff.

Yes sir, the atheists are very wise in picking their battles.