The Obama apocalypse is upon us

Barack Obama has been re-elected. Say goodbye to hope for America, because change is here.

Taxes will go up, businesses will be bogged down with regulations, the size of government will increase further. Our utilities will skyrocket as we are stuck with wind and solar boondoggles.

We will not be allowed to use our gas, oil or coal for affordable energy, leaving us unable to compete in manufacturing, and unable to protect our country in the event of a war - unable, even, to put our people to work. We will be totally dependent on buying oil and borrowing money from our enemies!

We have a president who has not had a budget in three years, printing and spending money we borrow from China (and ourselves). Soon our dollar will be worth nothing. We will be obligated to pay entitlements (that we have no money to pay) that were traded for votes. Our cities, states and the federal government will need hundreds of trillions of dollars in bailouts, which will make our dollar worth nothing.

Obama will be able to stack the Supreme Court with liberals, which will allow them to take away our rights. The right to free speech and the right to bear arms will be gone.

Obamacare will put every insurance company out of business. It will lead to a single-payer system, which is exactly what was planned from the start. It will be the end of the world's best medical care.

Please realize that Obama has never created a single job, has never signed a paycheck and despises capitalism. I believe he went to school as a foreign student, probably financed by Bill Ayers' parents. He says he was a Marxist in college. He refuses to tell us about his questionable Social Security number and won't release his college transcripts.

He was a community organizer for ACORN and he is proud of it and still loves and supports ACORN. His preacher, who married him and mentored him, is famous for saying, "God damn America." Rev. Wright should make him proud.

Obama continues to alienate countries such as Great Britain and Israel, our friends, while helping the Muslim Brotherhood take over the Middle East. Are the voters concerned about the hundreds of visits to the White House by the terrorists in the Muslim Brotherhood?

How can we have a president, Secretary Of State Clinton and Secretary of Defense Panetta all lying about the attack in Libya? The cowards abandoned four American heroes and let them be killed and want to cover it up.

We have a president who is destroying America and our economy while helping our enemies, the radical Muslims and communists. He is bent on changing America forever. We are the most amazing country in the history of the world, the only truly free country in the world. We may have lost it all forever with one election.