Reel Watchers: Flight

A horrific plane crash happens, one that could have been worse. The pilot is able to land the plane and save the majority of the people on board. During the investigation into the cause of the crash, troubling facts are revealed about the pilot's condition and his lifestyle. The film "Flight" asks a very difficult question about human nature and the struggle between doing the right thing and self-preservation. If doing the right thing and telling the truth about a situation would cause you to lose your livelihood, your pride and perhaps your freedom, could you do it?

That is the question that Captain "Whip" Whitaker faces in the film. This is a thought-provoking yet difficult movie to watch. The film chronicles the downward spiral of an addict and the actions of the people in his life who are trying to help him out of the addiction spiral and those trying to enable him further down it. This film also refutes an old stereotype; that addicts are from the lowest rung of society. "Whip" is a successful and charismatic pilot who works for a major airline. He is definitely does not fit the perception that most people have when they hear the word "addict."

I found myself simultaneously disliking and rooting for "Whip." I kept hoping that every downward plateau the character hit would be the bottom and the character would have no place to go but up from there. This remains untrue until the end of the film.

This is not a fun family film. "Flight" is rated R for nudity, alcohol/drug usage and language. If you are looking for a film that keeps you thinking, even after you leave the theater, this is the movie for you. I give "Flight" two-and-a-half miners out of four.