Have Arizona Dispensaries Been Set Up to Fail?

Dispensaries Set Up for Failure

Someone's seting up Arizona dispensaries to fail. If I read the rules right, dispensaries can grow their own medical marijuana, or purchase it from another dispensary. The only other option is for patients, or caregivers, to donate marijuana to a dispensary. The law is very clear on this, and no compensation can be received by the patient, or caregiver.

Sorry, but somehow, money will change hands. Call it donations, or whatever you want, but DEA will figure it out and people will go to jail.

The feds have a 99-plant limit, written or not, if anyone doesn't believe this, ask Chris Williams from Montana Cannabis. He's looking at an 80-year mandatory minimum sentence. Arizona dispensaries that follow the law won't be able to supply enough marijuana for patients, and those who don't follow the law risk DEA intervention.

Until the federal marijuana laws change, medical marijuana patients and dispensary owners will risk arrest. It will be difficult for the feds to change from drugs are bad, just say no, to drug legalization, but it's something we must do. With 85 percent of drug arrests for marijuana, it would be difficult for the feds to justify a massive Drug War on the remaining 15% of drug arrests for meth, cocaine, and heroin.

We can not continue to incarcerate people who use marijuana for $30,000 per year, while spending only $7,000 per year to educate a student. Our priorities need to change. We can always find money to build a new prison, but not to build a new school. Legislators need a graceful way to back out of the war on drugs. So call your legislators, tell them we lost the war on drugs long ago, and please look for options to incarceration.