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11:44 AM Sat, Jan. 19th

Kingman Letter: This year, give like you mean it

We think of the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas as "The Season of Giving," but it appears to have become less about giving to humanity and more about giving to ourselves. Even the bell ringers outside of the major stores have lost a bit of their flare and hardly ring their bells, let alone project the spirit of Christmas. Everywhere I turn, I hear people speaking of how it does not feel like Christmas anymore. A large majority of the blame can be placed on corporations diluting the markets with the latest and greatest gadgets that no one really needs, but we cannot ignore the fact that many of us have given up on the holiday spirit as well.

The simple question of "What do you want for Christmas?" has taken the spirit of giving and transformed it into the spirit of wanting. Those of us with children have especially lost our way by trying to give our children everything they could possibly ask for while feeling bad about the items that we cannot supply to them. We have lost our way and need a shining remembrance of what is important.

One such beacon is the police officer in the news who bought the boots for a man he believed to be homeless. While his example is one that many of us could not repeat in terms of monetary value, the action itself is of meaning.

There are few who do not know someone in need of help. It takes nothing more than a desire to help to assist someone in need. I encourage everyone to forget about themselves for a moment this Christmas, to ignore the vices that relieve us of any spending money, and give someone outside their family a reason to believe in Christmas Spirit once again.

Patric Medeiros