Kingman Letter: It's time for major gun changes

Is it any wonder that this country is geared toward gun violence? Fanatical gun owners vow that "no one" will ever take their guns away from them. As Charlton Heston, the actor and former head of the NRA once said, "They would have to take his gun out of his cold dead hands."

In other words, he would fight to the death to keep his precious guns. Movies and video games glorify killing. Gangsta-rap promotes killing cops. Young and old alike watch adults getting brutally killed every single day in TV shows, and on the news.

We, as a society, have grown culturally accustomed to this disturbing trend toward violence.

We no longer flinch at the idea of someone being killed unless we happen to know the victim. It's not that we accept violence, but we do expect it, and are not shocked by it anymore because it is an everyday occurrence.

And we do fear violence. That is why there are more than 300 million guns owned by people in this country. However, what we, as a society, are not accustomed to is the mass murder of children. This is something new to us, so we are appalled, shocked, and unwilling to accept any atrocity that is directed toward our children.

The atrocity of the Newtown, Conn., mass murder of 20 children must change our way of thinking. We can no longer be complacent about gun violence.

But arming teachers is not the answer, and it is insulting to the police and our military who train for months to become skilled "shooters."

It is a teacher's job to teach our children. They are not trained "shooters." And to pit a scared, trembling teacher with a handgun against a crazed gunman with perhaps an AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine is ludicrous.

Despite fanatical gun-owners and the NRA's objections, we must have better gun control, and we must tone down the violence on TV, in the movies, music, and video games.

Our children deserve to be safe and live in a country full of love, not one full of guns, hate, violence, and fear.

Lori Gabriel-Dane