Crackdown nails 100 on Skywalk road

Increased enforcement coincided with Chinese New Year

KINGMAN - Authorities issued nearly 100 citations during another speed detail on Pierce Ferry Road, this one coinciding with the Chinese New Year.

Mohave County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Don Bischoff said tourist traffic to the popular Grand Canyon West Skywalk attraction increases around the time of the Chinese holiday on Jan. 23.

MCSO deputies and officers with the Department of Public Safety reportedly saturated the area of north Highway 93, Pierce Ferry Road and Diamond Bar Road from Jan. 19-26 in search of speeding and aggressive drivers. The Arizona Department of Public Safety Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau and ADOT Enforcement and Compliance Division officers also participated.

More than 300 drivers were stopped and nearly 100 tickets issued, according to the Sheriff's Office.

"The overwhelming majority of those cited were for speed violations," Bischoff said. "We had just a few passing violations on Pierce Ferry Road in Dolan Springs."

MCSO and DPS also conducted commercial vehicle inspections of tour buses, motor coaches and vans. Officers were able to inspect 160 commercial tour vehicles and 43 other commercial vehicles.

Officers documented 210 violations during the commercial vehicle inspections. Most of the safety violations were said to be minor in nature. A total of 18 tour vehicles were placed out of service for safety violations, and 15 tour drivers were placed out of service.

Grand Canyon West Express, a Las Vegas based transportation company, reported transporting more than 15,000 tourists to and from the Skywalk during the eight-day period and MCSO estimated that well more than 25,000 tourists visited the Skywalk during the time frame of the traffic enforcement detail.