Kingman Letter: Skeptical about 'proof'

Ms. Dane's so-called proof on the MSNBC (one of the most left-leaning stations with the fewest viewers) news report was anchored by a man who has set back civil rights by a 100 years - hate monger Al Sharpton. Jessie Jackson's family even distances themselves from him. What Mr. Sharpton did was interpret the sound bite to fit the left's agenda.

The "critics" cited are also lefties on MSNBC. Just how hard will this be for Democrats to vote? Do most of the Democratic party not have photo ID? How do they go about their daily life with no driver's license, bank account, no credit cards, etc. And where is your proof that out of 31 million votes cast in Pennsylvania only three were fraudulent or are we just supposed to take your word for it.

It really should not matter what party you subscribe to, no one should be able to vote who is not a citizen, period!

And speaking of telling the truth Ms. Dane, please read the article following yours in the July 6 Opinion "Flexible." Enough said.

Sam Wise