Kingman Letter: Limiting voting rights to the living

In answer to Ms. Lori Gabriel-Dane's letter of July 6, I am really very sorry to hear that she has been receiving some derogatory insults in answer to her rants. I am sure there must be at least a hundred more people who would respond to her in the same way if they thought she would listen to the truth and could possibly comprehend it. Alas, we all know she cannot or will not.

Ms. Dane stated that House Majority Leader Mike Turzai had said that the end game in passing the Voter ID law was to benefit the GOP. She claims that means he is trying to make it harder for Democrats to vote. That is pure bull.

What it means is that finally all the Democrats in Chicago, Florida and all around the country will no longer be able to vote for their long dead relatives and that illegal aliens will not be able to vote for the Democrats. The GOP will benefit because only legal and living Americans will be able to vote.

Sandee Samoska