Kingman Letter: Obama outsources to Soros

It has recently been brought up on the opinion page that Mitt Romney outsourced jobs. Whatever the truth about that, Romney was not president of the United States. But Barack Obama has outsourced many jobs as president. And for good reason: Money connections.

A $1 billion government contract was awarded to Brazil Company Embraer instead of to American Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. Brazil has Iran connections. The contract is to build the AT-6 attack aircraft.

Awarded to Beechcraft, it would have created 1,400 jobs at 181 companies in 39 states. At Embraer, only 50 U.S. jobs will be created. There would have been side jobs in the U.S. created also in the form of products and services connected with the original jobs and taxes back to our country.

We should not be funneling national security jobs to countries with ties to our enemies in the first place. And all defense jobs should stay in the U.S.

A coincidence is multi-billionaire extreme leftist George Soros, Obama's biggest supporter, owns part of Brazil's oil giant Petrobras and also is connected with Embraer through Harbin-Embraer Aircraft, his Chinese-Brazilian joint venture.

So as we lose the potential jobs, Obama's friend George Soros gets even richer. This hurts the U.S. - jobs lost, our budget deficit, economy, risk to national security and the trade deficit - but President Obama doesn't seem to care about that.

To their credit, Hawker Beechcraft has brought a lawsuit demanding answers as to why they were excluded from the competition. No answers from the administration had been given either to Beechcraft or any elected officials in spite of repeated requests.

Shades of Solyndra where the same modus operandi was used. Eliminate those who are not your cronies, award the contract to those giving you money. Fairness? Transparency? Hah!

Linda Athens