Romney has no reason to release his tax returns

Mark Levin is right and so is Mitt: Do not release any more of your tax returns. Two years is plenty. Like Mitt has said, the more he releases, the more the Obamatrons will have to comb through and try and attack him with. This man's taxes are nobody's business but his and the IRS. And it's already obvious to those of us who are NOT on the left - they lie!

Furthermore, Romney spent his own money. Obama has wasted mine on numerous pie in the sky green endeavors (to his crony friends) that have gone bankrupt with no protections for the taxpayers.

If they want to be so transparent, then maybe Obama should release his college transcripts. And while we're at it, how about he tell us how he paid for his Ivy League education. Could it possibly be affirmative action?

I got an email today from my sister-in-law and it said that Romney donated 19% of his income to charity. Obama donated 1%. Obama's so charitable that his half-brother lives in a hut in Kenya. Isn't this the president who keeps preaching to us that "we are our brother's keeper?"

In an interview, Dinesh D'Souza said that he raised money for George Obama a couple of years ago, and when the Obama regime got wind of it, they contacted George and told him not to take the money. So, he didn't. But when Dinesh went back to interview George for his new movie (2016 The Movie), George was expecting a check. Unfortunately, it was no longer forthcoming.

OK, that made me laugh - because it's true.

One last thing to ponder - why does George have such a normal name and his brother has such a goofy one?