Kingman letters: Hang on to your lunch money

A response to "Why help people who hate us" (KDM, July 8). Some would call me a bigot. However, I say I am very concerned. Here is why. In 1994, Muslims bombed the New York trade center and on Sept. 11, 2001, 17 of the highjackers were Muslims or radical Islamists. As a religion its stated goal is to rule the world and kill all infidels who do not convert to Islam and Sharia law.

Islam has a foothold in the United Kingdom. In Holland it is a hate crime to speak out against Islam. If you speak against any other religion it is considered an art form. When a religion still commits the violation towards women that Islam does, that is not a god I want to rule me. But wait, it is not a god. It is man Sharia law. When the UN now has over 40 countries that support Islam and the current White House administration has over 40 Muslims working in key positions, I am very concerned.

I would be just as concerned if we were talking about any other religion having this kind of influence. Yet I speak of Islam. Giving those in the Middle East money is like paying the school bully with your lunch money not to beat you up. It never works. You lose your money and still get beat up! I suggest we get 5 million people to run for every office in the land who have never held an office of any kind. Could they really do any more harm than those that now sit in a temporary job that they have turned into a life-long job?

Jack Shepherd