Reader Letter: Sockwell chasing away voters

Congratulations to Bullhead City Mayor Jack Hakim for standing his ground, representing the citizens of Bullhead City the way they so justly deserve and not allowing Supervisor Tom Sockwell to make outlandish allegations as he does in various media outlets and at meetings he attends.

I wished I knew where Sockwell comes up with these fabrications. Some people say County Manager Ron Walker, who probably wants to be hired as a comedy writer for one of the late night talk show hosts when he retires Dec. 31, provides the stuff for Sockwell, but others say it is County PIO Darryle Purcell. In my opinion, it could be Purcell because he has a history of penning "hit pieces" when attempting to go after individuals he doesn't like or when he does Ron Walker's or Tom Sockwell's bidding.

However, I think I'm beginning to believe Sockwell makes up things just in an attempt to impress people.

Well, I would say the only thing Sockwell is accomplishing is chasing voters away from him. Every time Sockwell opens his mouth, incorrect information and rhetoric spews out, and that is just one more vote for Hildy Linn Angius's campaign by voters who are finally seeing Sockwell for what he is. Supervisor Sockwell isn't any good for the county and/or the residents.

I would hope Tom Sockwell realizes it is time for him to end his re-election bid before he causes himself and the county more embarrassment. When an elected official loses the trust and confidence of the voters and residents, it is time to retire. And as we all know it, Supervisor Sockwell has done just that.

Butch Meriwether

Golden Valley