Kingman Letter: What voter fraud looks like

In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott concocted a bogus list of 186,000 people who he sent letters to claiming they are not U.S. citizens and are therefore ineligible to vote. Among this list are people like 91-year-old Bill Internicola, a WWII Veteran and Valor of Honor recipient, who has voted in every election since he was 18. He now has to "prove" he is an American citizen?

These 186,000 people have a certain amount of time to "prove" their citizenship. Since Florida holds its primary in August, this does not give these people much time to apply for a copy of their birth certificates or any other documents they may need.

I am willing to bet that there is not one registered Republican on that list of 186,000 people. The Republicans are trying to disenfranchise as many registered Democrats who voted for Obama in the last election as they can. That is the only possible way Republicans can win this election, and they know it. Thus, the closing of DMVs in poor neighborhoods, reducing voting days and early voting, college students not being able to use their college photo IDs, the elderly who no longer drive needing state IDs, and the list goes on and on and on. This is truly what voter fraud looks like.

The Republicans have lied about everything in order to paint Obama as the "other" and how un-American he is. But this did not stop people for voting for him in 2008. Republicans had to come up with other ways of disenfranchising those people who voted for Obama, and they did just that. How un-American of them. This is truly what voter fraud looks like.

For Republicans, no deed is too low for them to stoop to, even at the expense of America, its citizens and the Constitution. Damn the Republicans!

Lori Gabriel-Dane