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6:13 PM Mon, Oct. 22nd

Kingman Letter: Romney: He's one of them

Granted, the economy is the main focus of this presidential election. And granted, Romney claims to have more experience in this field than President Obama.

But let's not forget that the presidency consists of much more than just the economy. Close your eyes and picture Mitt Romney talking to Russian or Chinese leaders. Can you see it? Can you feel the discomfort and tension of this scenario? Romney stated that Russia is still our enemy. Romney wants to put boots on the ground in Syria and arm its citizens. Do we really want to get involved in yet another war? We can't afford the one we are in now in Afghanistan, and will be paying for the war in Iraq for many, many years to come.

Jobs are needed, yet the Transportation Bill, which would have added two million jobs and repair our infrastructure at the same time, has been voted down by Republicans. Romney will get rid of any program that helps the poor, the middle class, and senior citizens. Taxes pay for the needs of this country. If taxes are cut even further for the rich, who do you think will be paying for all of this country's basic needs to keep it going?

Republicans are focusing all of their efforts on abortion and disenfranchising voters, rather than the economy, jobs, national security, and everything else that the president has to focus on. The Republicans keep asking, "Mr. President, where are the jobs?" Well, if they hadn't voted down the transportation bill, at least two million jobs would have been created. But they don't want jobs to be created, which would dramatically lower the unemployment rate, because that would guarantee Obama's reelection. Keep in mind, Romney is one of them. He is a puppet who will say and do anything his party wants him to do.

At the end of the Bush presidency, this country was losing 700,000 jobs a month. Maybe gaining 69,000 new jobs in May was not as many as hoped for, but it sure is better than losing 700,000 jobs a month.

Lori Gabriel-Dane