Kingman Letter: America's downfall

Republicans are not racist? I beg to differ with you!

The disrespect that President Obama has had to endure is the same kind of disrespect African Americans have always had to endure. Not much has changed. And while some one here will remind me that the President is only half Black, I'll refrain from calling Obama African American, although that is exactly what he is. Instead, I will call Obama our first Black-skinned president, and he is being treated the same way that Black-skinned people have always been treated - with hatred and disrespect.

Obama has been called every name in the book, and he has received such shameful rhetoric and treatment from all Republicans that, if I were him, I'd tell them all to go to hell, go ahead and elect Romney, and you'll get exactly what you deserve - a new world order - where only the rich will survive. But Obama endures this awful treatment because he is the only true American and true Christian who is standing up for the poor, the elderly, women, and the middle class. He is standing up for the America we used to be before the Tea Party radicals and the rich took over.

According to TeaRepub mentality, Obama is wrong for wanting the rich to pay their fair share. But it's okay for the Repubs to take from the poor- and middle-class to pay the $3 trillion it will cost for the rich to get even more tax cuts (under Romney). Michele Bachman once said, "People who don't work, don't deserve to eat," while cutting the food stamp program. Excuse me? This is America, right? Well, it used to be. Not anymore, thanks to the TeaRepubs. Would they really allow children to starve if their parents couldn't find a job? Greed and selfishness will be America's downfall, and the only ones to blame will be the un-American, uncaring TeaRepubs and the greedy rich, who plan on spending $1 billion to buy this election.

Lori Gabriel-Dane