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1:03 AM Thu, Oct. 18th

Reader Letter: Who is being intolerant here?

Lori Gabriel-Dane is apparently the face of the Mohave Democrat Party. Frankly, I'm sick of her lies and despicable accusations. Thursday's dishonest letter is only the latest example.

I'm going to answer her, but first I'll say this: I know most who call themselves Democrats don't share Ms. Dane's hatred for all things Republican, and thank God for that!

Lori again accuses Republicans of being racists, saying Obama has endured disrespect solely because he is black. It's not because his policies haven't done what he promised, not because his policies have strangled the private sector of our economy.

We don't attack him because he has stated, "Only government can get us out of the economic problems," or because he's blamed Bush 43 and Republicans for the economic problems hundreds of times over the years. We don't criticize Obama for using executive orders to dictate to America what he demands we do, the latest being to FORCE the U.S. to grant amnesty to nearly a million illegal aliens, giving them the right to steal jobs from citizens. We don't despise everything this president has done to bring about "fundamental transformation of America" and complete government control over every aspect of our lives, in violation our Constitution, or because he's destroying the very foundation that made this country great.

No, we simply attack Obama because of his skin color!

Ms. Dane, since Obama is half-white, are white Republicans guilty of self-loathing? You insult us because you have no honest answers for our criticisms and your goal is to shut up Republicans in the most bigoted way imaginable! You lump everyone into classes, attack those who disagree regardless of the facts, and ignore the vast numbers of persons of color in the Republican Party.

Who is really showing incredible intolerance here?

Steven Robinson

District 2 Director, Mohave County GOP

Bullhead City