KPD reports theft, burglary declining

Drop accredited to increased officer-initiated activity, police chief says

The recently released Kingman Police annual report indicates that while overall thefts have increased, residential burglaries and auto theft occurring within the city limits have actually decreased.

That's goes against what would be expected in a down economy but appears to mirror a trend being seen across the country, said Police Chief Robert DeVries. He attributes that decline to more neighbors looking out for each other and more officer-initiated activity.

KPD transitioned to a new records system, and 2011 was the first full-year of its use, DeVries said. The system now includes officer-initiated activity and calls for service in its total number of calls received, whereas before, those contacts initiated by officers were not included in the total. That's why, he said, calls for service in 2011 jumped to more than 40,543 reports, more than 9,000 tallied for the year before.

The increase in theft was actually rather small, from 865 in 2010 to 879 last year. Both of those numbers are dramatically less than the 1,269 thefts reported five years ago.

Motor vehicle thefts decreased from 77 in 2010 to 62 in 2011, and commercial and residential burglaries dropped from 658 to 590.

The total number of people arrested remained about the same, from 3,117 in 2010 to 3,153.

Officers wrote 12,500 traffic citations, up 33 percent from the year before, while the number of traffic accidents has steadily decreased in the last five years, from 1,253 in 2007 to 996 in 2011.

DeVries said officers continue to focus on the same top accident hot spots in Kingman, which include Stockton Hill Road from Detroit Airway to Airway Avenue.

He said one of the best public safety tools at residents' disposal are the online reports accessible through the police department's website. "Crime Reports," which went live at the beginning of 2011 after the department was awarded a grant, logged 3,897 hits last year. DeVries said the tool allows residents to see what's going on in their area within 24-48 hours after an incident or arrest.

The annual report can be found on the Kingman Police Department's website at, under the publications tab.