Consumers asked to tell all in survey for Miner

KINGMAN - And the survey says ... you tell us.

The Miner has partnered with Oregon-based Pulse Research to bring you the 2012 Pulse of America Survey. The survey, which asks people about their spending plans for the next year, can be taken online by going to

"The survey offers us a peek into the future spending habits of local citizens," said Colleen Machado, the Miner's advertising manager.

It's an important survey that can strengthen the local economy by allowing businesses to see exactly what people plan to spend their money on, she said.

"We ask in the survey the same questions that business owners would ask," Machado said.

The questions include where shoppers spend and what they are planning to buy in the coming year, from big ticket items such as cars on down, and how those shoppers use the Miner's newspaper and website.

The survey takes less than a half-hour to complete, and personal information given during the process will be kept confidential. It will only be used for the purposes of the survey. Also, results will be shown only in the aggregate of responses.

The goal of the survey is to allow businesses to better target their demographics, which allows for more consistent, well-placed advertising.

Once the results are in and tallied, local business representatives can speak to the Miner advertising staff to get the demographic statistics for their industry, including who shops at what store, who plans to buy what products in the next 12 months, and what promotions are most likely to be effective

To contribute to this process you must complete the survey by 11:59 p.m. March 30.