Kingman letters: Faith unshaken by study

Regarding Lori Gabriel-Dane's "Study Results Illuminating" in the Feb. 10 Miner.

First, I am a conservative in my beliefs.

Second, Lori depends on researchers for her bedrock beliefs. As a conservative "right-winger," I depend on God's word for my bedrock. As God himself said, "I am the same yesterday, today and forever." That's my foundational bedrock. I believe abortion is murder, that same-sex relationships are the death knell to our society, just as the Bible, God's Word, teaches. If all of this makes me dumb or stupid, as you indicate, then so be it. My beliefs do not change.

Obama is trying to put government in charge of all aspects of our lives, including sexual. That is, telling institutions of faith what they must do.

Lori, you can't get more socialist than that.

Martha Clements