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7:06 AM Wed, Jan. 16th

Kingman letters:Asinine law has many victims

Ahhh, what a great love there is for that Second Amendment - the right for all citizens to bear arms. Of course, what the Constitution actual says is that, "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

I did not know that this country has a "well-regulated militia." Oh, we have radical rogue militia groups, made up mostly of government-hating good ol' white boys. But I was sure that we had a well-regulated professional military now protecting our country.

Having been oppressed by a professional army, the Founding Fathers of the United States had no use for establishing a professional army of their own at that time, therefore allowing for every able-bodied man in the country to be armed and become part of a well-regulated militia. Still, unless mentally incapacitated or a felon, every person continues to have the right to bear arms.

Thanks to NRA lobbyists and the 24 states whose radical governors passed the "Stand Your Ground" legislature, we have become a nation of vigilantes. It's like revisiting the Wild, Wild West. This ridiculous law allows people to shoot and kill a person, claim they felt threatened by that person, even if they weren't, then walk away without even a slap on the hand or an investigation. Trayvon Martin was just one of many such victims of this asinine law.

Still, conservatives swear that democrats are trying to take people's guns away from them. Under President Obama, people have more gun rights than under any other president. Could you bring an AK47 to a Bush event? No. Could you bring your guns into a school while Bush was president? No. Could you carry a concealed weapon without a permit under Bush? No. But I'll tell you this much - you radicals keep killing innocent people, and there will come a day when you have taken the law into your own hands one too many times, and you just may have your guns taken away by the rational majority in this country.

Lori Gabriel-Dane