Delegates have been picked for both conventions

The Mohave County Republican Party has announced the names of the people who will be attending the Arizona Republican Party State Convention May 12, at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.

The Democratic Party picked their representatives for the 2012 Democratic National Convention on March 31. The party will send a total of 80 delegates and six alternates, including one person from Mohave County, to the national convention on Sept. 3 in Charlotte, N.C. Beth Weisser, a candidate for the state Senate, is the only person selected as an at-large Democratic delegate from Mohave County.

On May 12, the Republican delegates will be proposing platform rules and credentials for the National Convention to be held in Tampa Bay, Fla., on Aug. 27 to Aug. 30. The Republican Party nominee for the President of the United States will be chosen during the National Convention.

"I am pleased with how many people want to get involved with the Republican Party this year," said Arizona State Senator and Mohave County Republican Chairman Ron Gould. In 2008, the Mohave County Republican Party sent 18 delegates to the Arizona Republican State Convention. This year, 50 delegates and at least 10 alternates will be attending the 2012 Arizona State Convention.

The names of the delegates are: Kingman residents William and Doris Goodale, Wyatt and Tonia Brooks, Bob and Anita Boyd, Patricia Lewis, Sharon Holmes, Henry Varga. Mervin Fried, Rocky Sapp, Alicia Hartwig-Fisk, F. Roy Dunton, Donna Crouse, Tanya Smith, Jeroldine Short, Melissa Havatone, Jerry Sides, Richard Basinger and Brent Ingram.

Lake Havasu City will be represented by Ron and Janice Gould, LaJuana Gillette, Sam and Ellyn Scarmardo, Larry Chase, Michael and Anita Romero, Buster Johnson and George Schnittgrund.

Bullhead City will be represented by Nancy McLain, Hildy Angius, Michelle Arnett; Joan Lewis, Linda Stevenson, Donna Rose, John Townsend and Linda Roberts.

Golden Valley will be represented by Gianluca Zanna, Steven Robinson, Louis Tranka, Val Starr, James Kanelos, and Butch Meriwether.

Chloride resident Jean Bishop will represent her area. Fort Mohave residents Daniel and Charlotte Car, and Nana Nicoll, along with Meadview resident Rick Sherwood and Mohave Valley resident Roy Hagemyer will represent their areas.

For more information about the Mohave County Republican Party, contact the Mohave County Republican Party Headquarters at (928) 855-8006.