Kingman Letter: Distorting gun 'facts'

Ms. Dane's May 6 letter, "Law gives people free rein to shoot," is baloney. We still live by a community of laws. Most people are law abiding citizens and those that are not are dealt with through the court system.

And when is the last time you have seen anyone "walk around with an AK47 slung over their shoulder?" I would have to say if Ms. Dane has seen this then she must live in a very rough neighborhood.

Nationwide, we have 313,490,000 people living in the USA, according to Wikipedia. Of that, 98 percent (307,220,200 people) that have firearms are law enforcement, gun collectors and hunters. Now maybe it is just me, but I cannot see any of these three groups walking down the street with an AK47 threatening the general public.

As far as the 8,775 deaths by guns cited as being from the FBI site, that is also baloney. The FBI site only breaks down violent crimes: murder/forcible rape/robbery/aggregated assault, etc. If you use the FBI's search engine and type in "gun deaths for 2011" as Ms. Dane cites, you will get: "DOES NOT EXIST."

Too many times the far left and liberals that want to completely take away our 2nd Amendment rights resort to distorted facts, or as in this case bogus, made-up "facts" to frighten the public. What we need is more honesty, on both the left and the right, and let the people decide.

If Britain had only 800 murders by guns a year, and I challenge this figure based on the "alleged figure" cited by Ms. Dane from the FBI site, then maybe Ms. Dane would feel safer moving to Britain. Just a thought.

Sam Wise