KPD: Mailers not a scam, but be wary

Mailers from a Florida-based company are once again hitting area mailboxes and giving homeowners the impression that they are required to have water line insurance.

Although the Kingman Police Department said the insurance being sold is valid, they are cautioning homeowners to beware. HomeServe USA of Miami, which is behind the mailers, has been the subject of dozens of complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

The strongly worded mailer gives homeowners the impression that the insurance is required by the city, when in fact it is not.

"In a recent review of our service area, we have noticed that your property does not have water service line coverage from HomeServe," read mailers that first hit Kingman last year. "You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the exterior water line at the above address. Repairing a broken line could cost you thousands of dollars without coverage."

While the city of Kingman is responsible for the main water lines, homeowners are responsible for their own lines from the point of where they connect with the city's line.

The Kingman Police Department has received several inquiries and complaints that the letters are a scam. Cooper said those who receive the letter and wish to make a complaint should contact the Arizona Attorney General's Office at (800) 352-8431 and the Arizona Corporation Commission by calling (800) 222-7000.

Gas customers may have received similar mailings, Cooper said.