Kingman letters:A country of takers

All I can say after this election is that the America I grew up in and loved is gone. I thought that after people watched the total failure of this worst president in the history of America, they would wake up and get rid of him. I was wrong, but why? I shouldn't have been surprised. When 100 million Americans have been convinced to go on welfare instead of working, and another 47 million given food stamps with millions more being told it's easy to get them, it would be stupid to think they would vote for someone who would possibly take that away from them.

We have gone from a country of doers to a country of takers. Obama has killed the American work ethic. Why work when you can go on welfare and get a free cell phone, sit on the couch and play video games and have your food and part or all of your rent or mortgage paid for?

Now the first part of Obamacare will go into effect. Thousands of employers are planning to fire workers because they can't afford the penalties and taxes. Companies are reducing hours for many employees because under this bill, if you work 30 hours, you are considered full time and have to be covered.

I hope the people who voted for Obama are still happy when they wake up and find their jobs are gone.

Mark Pasdiora