Kingman Letter: Media mum when Obama lies

I watched the Sixty Minute Romney/Obama interviews with disgust.

While Romney was interrupted, Obama repeated the same old lies and Kroft never disputed them. Obama repeats them, knowing the tinfoil heads will nod in agreement on their way to vote for him, the rest won't bother to check the true facts.

Two big lies, that Obama has created 4.2 million jobs and Bush was bleeding 600,000 jobs a month were again repeated. They're still lies. Obama even admitted they stretch the truth but hey, it's a campaign, he said. Sixty Minutes cut that part.

Obama, like Clinton at the Democratic Convention, both blame the Republicans for standing in the way of the recovery. Really? Does a recovery even require government intervention? Our first 150 years, government never interfered and downturns weren't as long nor as deep.

In 1921, under the "do-nothing" President, Warren Harding, unemployment was 11.7 percent. Harding did but one thing, he reduced government spending as tax revenues declined due to the downturn. By 1922, that 11.7 percent fell to 6.7 percent and in 1923 to 2.4 percent. Harding's government got out of the way, the economy rebounded on it's own.

Another 60 Minute lie - Obama declared he saved the auto industry. In fact, he did not. But Romney had suggested a similar Harding response. Let them go bankrupt he said. And, unknown to most, included in the government bailout was ... a bankruptcy.

The 60 Minutes bombshell was Obama's reference to Israel as but one of our allies in the region. But one? This is a terrifying remark to Jews and Christians. Obama needs to get off The View and look out the window. The Israeli neighborhood is in flames ... they're burning our flag ... and threatening Israel with extinction. Maybe meeting with Netanyahu instead of David Letterman is in the offing. And finding out why the dead Ambassador hand wrote in his diary he was in fear with so little security and why in fact, did he have so little security. Being the Hip-hop President might be cool to some. It's not to me.

Linda Athens