Reel Watchers: Looper

Looper delivers! It's original, thrilling, noir-like, and thought-provoking!

If you are a fan of action films, the science fiction genre, time travel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and/or the ultra cool director of "Brick" and "The Brothers Bloom" Rian Johnson, then do yourself a huge favor and go see "Looper" on the big screen.

Don't wait too long either. This is the type of film that friends and family will be tweeting spoilers for and co-workers will want to discuss.

Without giving too much away, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, the younger version of Bruce Willis, and they're employed as assassins nicknamed loopers.

In the future, time travel is highly illegal and has been taken over and controlled by the mob. When they want someone to disappear, they just send them back in time to a waiting looper who kills them and disposes of the body that technically doesn't exist.

Closing ones loop happens when the powers that be decide to cancel your future contract by sending your older self back for you to kill. This effectively sends you into a 30-year retirement.

But what happens when your future self gets away? What if they've got knowledge of their past that will change your future?

Oh, and did I mention there are people who have developed a genetic disorder called, 'TK?' (It stand for telekinesis and most can only use it to do trivial little parlor tricks.)

It really is so rare for a film like this to get so much right.

JGL's performance is so spot on as the younger Willis that even with the prosthetic features, he still came off incredibly believable. And speaking of Bruce, he has maintained his 'A-list' status for so long, because of performances like this.

As far as story-line, pace, and payoff are concerned, Looper scores a check, check, and check plus on this critic's card.

And that makes Looper the easiest film this year to declare a true, must-see and a solid 4 out of 4 miners.