Kingman Letter: Country is not for sale

With regards to the opinion page on Sept. 25, I would like to congratulate the Daily Miner for printing and the artist who submitted the Obama/Romney flag presentation.

This truly shows not only how the president holds himself in such high esteem as to denigrate our country's flag, a flag that so many have fought and died for, a flag that depicts the very essence of our liberties and freedoms that our 50 (not 57) states, to this point, enjoy.

I think The Washington Examiner said it best: "Obama is a classic Chicago machine pol who thrives on rewarding himself and his friends with the spoils of public office and uses his position to punish his enemies."

Think back to his four years in office of the many things this man has done to undermine our way of life, our laws that were passed that he refuses to enforce, and to anyone with an open mind and common sense, the answer should be crystal clear as to who has our country's best interest at heart.

Mr. President, our country is not for sale at any price.

Sam Wise