Kingman Letter: Give 'lefty loons' the boot

Benjamin Netanyahu asked to meet with Obama when he was in the U.S. to talk about the ever-increasing threat from Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. But team Obama said he was too busy to meet with him. I guess he cannot take time out of his campaigning to discuss a serious threat to Israel and the United States.

This poser-in-chief has been campaigning for four years now, so I guess there is no reason to think he would start being a leader now.

And now I see that Barack Hussein Obama has invited Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi (who is a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood), to meet with him.

So Obama cannot put off his appearance on the Letterman show to meet with the leader of our only true ally in the Middle East, but he can take the time to meet with one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Am I the only one that sees red flags here?

At the Democratic Convention, Obama and the lefty loons that support him beat the drums about the war on women, but never talked about the Muslims.

In many Muslim countries, women are not allowed to drive, vote or even speak without permission from the man of the house. God forbid a woman is raped, she may well be stoned to death, or the honor killings of women by their fathers or husbands for whatever reason they feel. In many of these places, livestock are held in higher regard than women. This is a war on women, not the BS that Obama and his minions are pushing.

The Democrats keep pushing for cradle-to-grave entitlements for all. They call it social justice, but by their way of thinking, the truly hard part will be getting to the cradle.

Let's point out the war these Democrats are waging and that is the war on the unborn - the only truly innocent humans, the ones that have no say in what happens to them.

Obama and his far left loons are on the wrong side. The wrong side of our country, our freedom and all that most Americans stand for. And most certainly on the wrong side of God!

Don't be distracted by all the BS from Obama's left-leaning progressives. Stay focused on defeating Obama. Who cares where Obama was born - where he lives now is the problem!

Donald Stultz