Births: September 2012

The following births were recorded in September 2012 at Kingman Regional Medical Center:

Sept. 2

Macayla June Perry, a girl, to Michael and Carlaina Perry.

Sept. 4

Elias Allen Brownlee, a boy, to Chris Brownlee and Amy Waldron.

Joel Martin Baldenegro, a boy, to Martin Baldenegro and Wendy Tadlock.

Sept. 5

Cody River Chapman, a boy, to Curtis and Kelly Chapman.

Zailey Faith Paine, a girl, to Adam Paine and Stephanie Odell.

Sept. 6

Brandon Isaac Woodside Jr., a boy, to Brandon and Tiffany Barnett Woodside.

Sept. 7

Bryan Alden Salazar, a boy, to Mark and Giovanna Salazar.

Adysen Balerine Quintana, a girl, to Nicole Manfredonia.

Sept. 11

Nicole Lynn Del Monaco, a girl, to Kyle Del Monaco and Brooke Bouvier.

Emily Grace McGlothlin, a girl, to Benjamin and Tobi McGlothlin.

Sept. 12

Elijah Cole Tomlinson, a boy, to Kyron Tomlinson and Mindy Taylor.

Sept. 13

Daytin Luke Twitchell, a boy, to Dakota Twitchell and Ashley Bouschet.

Sept. 14

Amaira Anne Maree Dellinger, a girl, to Michael Dellinger Jr. and Desiree Heiselman.

Rhya Anne-Lynn Stanley, a girl, to Michael Stanley and Audrey Bridges.

Sept. 16

Madysin Skye Ferrante, a girl, to Jon and Tara Ferrante.

Sept. 17

Rilee Lynn Newton, a girl, to Amber Newton.

Sept. 18

Benjamin Johnathan-James Molitor, a boy, to Nathanial Molitor and Rhiannon Hurst.

Lillian Eliza Brown, a girl, to Kevin Brown and Jessica Brookes.

Sept. 19

Dustyn Thomas-James Carley, a boy, to Derreck Carley and Shyanne Rowe.

Sept. 20

Otto Allen Rushing, a boy, to Katelyn Rushing.

Sept. 21

Hadley Frankie-June Downing, a girl, to Nathaniel Downing and Lisa Bruno.

Sept. 23

Cloey Faith Graham, a girl, to Robert Graham and Savannah Moore.

Sept. 30

Jacob Gage Hopper, a boy, to Christina Hopper.

Kristopher Beau Paya, a boy, to Bartholomew Paya and Bonnie Wescogame.