Kingman Letter: Bad experience with 'slumlord'

Recently I ended a rental agreement with a slumlord for a house on Roosevelt. I didn't feel this way while renting; I was an average tenant with an average landlord. I ended the lease on good terms, gave proper notice, cleaned the place until it sparkled. Not until it came to giving me my deposit back did the landlord turn sour.

She broke her own lease by holding my money almost a month past the date stated in her lease it would be back. She charged me for black mold that existed in the structure of the home before my residency.

Her response?


Why is it that we renters get screwed over by slumlords who are after every penny we've got no matter all the measures we take to maintain good relations? Personally, I'm sick of being taken by personal operations; from now on, I'm sticking to realty management services that take responsibility for their properties.

Jessica R. Chapman