Kingman Letters: Carmona will stand up for veterans

I write this letter not as a Democrat or a Republican. As the saying goes, I have no skin in the game other than an unabashed belief that the veterans of this country deserve better. The current crop of elected officials are simply hypocrites when it comes to providing for the obligation to care for American veterans. Aside from the 4,000-plus who lost their lives in service to their country, this country is losing 10-fold that amount to suicide, secondary to PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. The VA is overwhelmed not only with aging veterans from Korea and Vietnam but the hundreds of thousands of combat-related injuries from Iraq and Afghanistan.

In my opinion, the person who epitomizes this hypocrisy is Jeff Flake, who has repeatedly voted against any legislation that would benefit veterans care. This opinion is not based on current political ads but on legislative voting records that support Flake's negative voting record on veteran affairs. Also, in my opinion, Richard Carmona is simply a person who has been there and regardless of party affiliation would fight for veteran care no matter what the cost. I urge you, no matter what your party affiliation, to vote to support veterans by voting Richard Carmona. Richard Carmona has spent his entire career supporting the concept of "De Oppressor Liber."

Richard Null

Golden Valley