Kingman Letters: Racists rising from Tea Party slime

Is anyone, except a few of us, wondering where the KKK or the white supremacists are? Did they just disappear back into the slime of mucky waters from whence they came? You would think that with our first black-skinned president, they would be protesting and demonstrating back and forth in front of the White House, spewing their indignation that a black man would dare to seek the highest office in the land. But I haven't seen them, have you? Oh, wait - maybe I have seen them.

Seems to me it all started the moment Barack Obama declared that he was going to run for the presidency. It was then that the Tea Party folks suddenly appeared on the scene. Why did they dress the way they did? Why did they call themselves the Tea Party? Could it be that back in those good old Colonial days, black-skinned people were nothing more than slaves to lazy white folk? Could it be that during that time period, blacks had no rights, they had no vote, they had no life of their own? They belonged to and worked for the whites.

Could it be that the leaders of the Tea Party traded in their white sheets in order to not stand out like a sore thumb - to blend in with "regular" folks? The current Tea Party wants to take our country back. From whom? A black-skinned man, that's who. It must absolutely enrage these folks that a black-skinned man is our president, and they have recruited many followers with the conspiracy theories they spew, trying to put this black man back in his rightful place - subservient to the whites.

This isn't playing the race card. This is the truth.

Lori Gabriel-Dane